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Today’s pharmaceutical landscape is more vibrant than ever. While new modalities such as mRNA and an ever-increasing number of biosimilars help make critical vaccines and therapies available to more patients in need, they also put pressure on manufacturers to control costs to deliver these drugs while remaining profitable. 

While there is no single solution to increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs of non-quality, industry experts agree that automating routine analytical testing brings value by reducing costly errors; providing reliable, actionable and traceable data faster; and increasing throughput to reduce bottlenecks

Creating value through efficient quality monitoring

With hundreds of steps required to manufacture a biologic, monitoring your product and process at key points gives you the confidence that your batch quality is secure.

Rapid and automated technologies for both in-process and release testing increase the efficiency of your operations through standardization - reducing the cost of non-quality by cutting costs from scrap, investigations, downtime, decontamination, and additional human resources.

Our user-friendly platforms will not only help make your lab workflow more efficient and improve your team’s work environment but also reduces risk of error and increases data integrity and traceability. Collectively, these improvements increase efficiency of each technician which can reduce reliance on costly outsourcing of testing.

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