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Your Trusted Partner in Augmented Diagnostics

Food Safety & Quality

Always alongside our customers to provide smarter and more dynamic Risk Assessment in Food Safety & Quality Control, moving from Test results to Actionable Insights, to help them ultimately provide Consumers safe products of the highest quality.

Our suite of solutions is based on rigorous science, technology expertise, data science and an innovative spirit.

Your Trusted Partner in Augmented Diagnostics

Whilst adapting to consumers' new food experience, the food industry is also undergoing major changes challenging the way our customers need to approach food safety and quality.​

​Our commitment remains to be your trusted partner for this new era, to help feed the world with safe, high quality and sustainable food.

We accompany our customers along the entire production value-chain, by providing them :

  • Smarter and more dynamic ​Risk Assessment​
  • Moving from Test results to Actionable Insights​
  • ​To ultimately help you provide safe products of the highest quality for Consumers.​
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Dairy products on display


bioMérieux provides this technology for the Dairy industry through microbiology testing solutions that offer a rapid, streamlined laboratory workflow with consistent and reliable results. This allows for laboratory processes to become automated and to work at an optimal level, while also being highly cost-effective.
microbial testing beverages


New ingredients and different types of production processes are disrupting the beverage industry. Our microbial detection solutions will help you maintain a consistent quality across the entire production chain.

Dairy products on display


The unstandardized approach to nutraceutical regulation puts a large responsibility on supplement manufacturers to ensure a high level of quality controls—that’s where we come in.

Microbial testing nutraceuticals

Processed Foods

Our products and solutions provide fast, accurate, and consistent results so that you can manufacture safe, high-quality ready-to-eat foods.


Discover accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use detection methods for the top pathogenic strains in your raw meat products.

Dairy products on display


With intuitive, simplified workflow, rapid results, and unrivaled specificity, our industry-leading diagnostic solutions will give you peace of mind from farm health to consumer safety.  

seafood microbiological testing


We provide accurate and fast results, enabling earlier product release for products with short shelf lives. 


Discover our products and solutions for managing the risk of contamination in fresh produce.

Dairy products on display

Confectionary and Chocolate

As a chocolate or confectionery maker, you want a streamlined quality control process with reliable reagents and accurate results you can trust.  

microbial testing ready to eat food

Ready-To-Eat Food

With rapid and accurate diagnostic testing, you can be confident your product is safe for public consumption.


Environmental Monitoring - Factory

Environmental Monitoring

Our automated environmental monitoring program helps you identify potential spoilage or safety issues and improves real-time decisions.​​

microbiological food quality indicators

Quality Indicators

Stay in control and improve your operational efficiency with convenient, accurate, and rapid quality indicator tests.

Pathogen Detection

Our pathogen detection products help you make confident decisions during critical manufacturing processes for overall improved manufacturing efficiency.

Dairy products on display

Microbial Culture & Identification

Our microbial identification solutions allow you to differentiate, confirm and identify microbes with confidence.

custom molecular assays

Custom Molecular Assays

We provide reliable and easy-to-use solutions using bioinformatics, metagenomics, and innovative out-of-the-box R&D to deliver unmatched value and data-rich insights to the food safety and quality community.

Dairy products on display

Sample and Media Preparation

We help you to optimize and standardize your media and sample preparation with our ready-to-use media, enrichments and diluents, and media preparation technologies.

Dairy products on display

Commercial Sterility

We offer solutions that will give you accurate, objective, and fast results so you don’t have to worry about product recalls or your brand reputation.

Spoilage detection

Spoilage Detection

Traditional testing methods for spoilage organisms can take up to 10 days. Rapidly detect spoilage organisms with our suite of solutions.

Spoilage detection


Being your preferred partner by providing support and services where and when you need! Your productivity and product quality are our priority. Our technical team and scientific experts are on hand to help you get the most out of your equipment and to ensure the continuity of your operations. Our entire range of services can be customized, allowing you to focus on your core business and optimize your resources.



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