School relations and young candidates

bioMérieux supports young people’s entry into the workplace by offering genuine opportunities for professional development through internships, work-study, doctoral dissertations and the international internship program (V.I.E).

Aware of new technologies, students and recent graduates often bring a fresh way of looking at society. They contribute to making bioMérieux an innovative, pioneering company in our sector.

bioMérieux pursues an active policy to promote relations with schools and universities in order to facilitate young people’s entry into the workplace and strengthen partnerships between the corporate and academic worlds.

Relations with schools form the core of our policy for the recruitment and hiring of recent graduates. We raise awareness among students about the diversity of our business activities by organizing many different initiatives: forums, educational partnerships, internship offers, first job experiences, etc.

As a corporate citizen, bioMérieux is committed to bringing young people into the labor market.


bioMérieux is opening its doors to young people in different ways, according to their studies and career choice:



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