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Diamond Pet Food Safety & Quality

How Comprehensive Technologies Are Evolving Pet Food Safety

spoilage of beverages due to Alicyclobacillus producer of guaiacol

Key Takeaways

  • Quickly identifying whether a pathogen is a recurring resident or one-time transient helps troubleshoot the problem faster, avoiding large time or financial investments in tracking down the wrong root cause.
  • bioMérieux’s technology is pushing food safety and quality testing beyond the simple test/result framework. The comprehensive nature of this technology allows for trend analysis which sheds light on a facility’s true areas of risk.
  • Many manufacturers are hesitant to test for contaminants like Salmonella for fear of ramifications from food regulation agencies. bioMérieux gives facilities flexibility without fear. Data coding allows companies to get the information they need, anonymously.
  • The Innovation Center in Philadelphia was created to continuously evolve partnerships with companies like Diamond Pet Food, because no two customers or problems are the same.
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Presenters: Dr. Michele Sayles, Executive Director of Food Safety and Quality at Diamond Pet Foods & Dr. Vik Dutta, Senior Staff Scientist at bioMérieux.



This episode of the Food Safety Matters podcast joins Dr. Michele Sayles of Diamond Pet Foods and Dr. Vik Dutta of bioMérieux to discuss the risks, concerns, and solutions for pet food safety and quality control during manufacturing. Dr. Sayles holds a PhD in food microbiology and has over 21 years of experience in the field. Her team at Diamond Pet Foods has worked with Dr. Dutta for years to not only detect and analyze contamination, but to predict and prevent it.  

No two facilities or contamination cases are the same. Testing only the final product is not a sufficient method of pathogen protection. Quality controls must be present throughout the entire production process, with final product testing used only as a failsafe. Luckily, new technology and advancements in testing methodology are giving companies access to comprehensive and precise data, faster than ever. Listen to the full podcast to learn more about how Diamond Pet Foods and bioMérieux have partnered to create the highest level of pet food safety and quality in the industry.

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