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Diversity & inclusion

We are convinced that the diversity of our teams fosters innovation along with competitive differentiation and supports our ability to achieve our public health mission. We believe in the richness of difference to support our ability to grow and evolve. 


One of the ways we are working to enhance diversity within our organization is with a focus on gender parity. Today, 48% of our employees are women and 45% of management positions are held by women. We are part of the top 2% of companies ranked in terms of gender equality in the Top 100 of Equileap's 2021 Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking, and in 2020, we scored 93 out of 100 on France’s professional equality index between women and men. But we want to go even further and reach more than 40% women in the corporate leadership team* by 2025. 


* direct reports to the Executive Committee with a Global Corporate mission