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Cell & Gene Therapies

Cell and gene therapies are one of today’s most cutting edge-scientific approaches to treating or curing serious diseases such as cancers or genetic disorders. These innovative medicines are designed to halt a disease or reverse its progress, providing improved patient outcomes. They could help reduce or eliminate the need for treatments that need to be taken continuously.
However developing and manufacturing cell and gene therapies present many challenges.

Do Your Cellular Therapies Have High Performance Quality Control?

Overcoming complex manufacturing challenges and ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of cell and gene therapies administered to patients is critical. 
Your innovative products demand trusted testing systems. 
Add rapid and easy-to-use technologies to your operations and bring overall efficiencies to the manufacturing process through both simplified workflows and accurate, actionable results to ensure patient safety.

There’s no time to lose when a patient relies on your product. Streamlined Quality Control testing specific to cell and gene therapies yields safe, rapid, and efficient results.

Discover our proven portfolio of value-added solutions:



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    Em-power the Future

    Bridging the gap between standard processes and automation, 3P® ENTERPRISE transforms the future of environmental monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry. From sampling to trending, take control with an end-to-end, fully digitalized and automated workflow. Increase efficiency and ensure your products are safe and compliant with an innovative environmental monitoring system.

    The Method Of Choice For Rapid Sterility Testing

    BACT/ALERT® 3D was developed as an effective and safe solution for industrial sterility testing. From its ease of use to its flexibility, BACT/ALERT® 3D is a state-of-the art microbial detection system suitable for any size laboratory, providing you with a reliable and objective alternative to traditional microbial detection methods.

  • BIOBALL® Standardized Strains

    BIOBALL® is a small water-soluble ball containing a precise number of microorganisms that delivers accuracy and precision, batch after batch.

  • BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma

    Rapid Testing by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

    BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma provides simple, accurate, and rapid in-house mycoplasma detection for use in testing raw materials, in-process samples, and final product release. We offer validation services designed to meet regulatory requirements—from documentation to comprehensive on-site support.

    Better for your lab. Better for the planet.

    ENDONEXT™ endotoxin detection assays are ushering in a new era of smarter, more sustainable pharmaceutical quality control.

    Your Solution for Automated Microbial Identification

    The VITEK® 2 Compact system offers quality control testing solutions for fast and accurate microbial identification. With technology that includes an extensive and robust identification database, rapid results, and minimal training time, it will streamline laboratory workflow for increased productivity.
  • ACCELLIX - Bringing the power of flow cytometry to GMP manufacturing.

    Cell and Gene Therapy Quality Control is critical. It doesn’t have to be difficult. 

    Stringent process controls are needed to monitor critical parameters throughout the cell therapy manufacturing process, and these laborious tests are challenging to scale. The Accellix Automated Cell Phenotyping Platform eliminates these limitations and automates your entire QC workflow from sample preparation to data analysis, generating rapid cell phenotyping results directly in the manufacturing suite.get in