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Hormone and Fertility

Robust immunoassay testing with fertility, adrenocortical, and thyroid hormone assays greatly contribute to the accuracy and reliability of results used to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients rapidly and safely.

What is hormone testing?

Hormones are responsible for regulating and controlling a wide range of physiological processes in the body, including metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, mood, and stress response. While hormonal imbalances can lead to symptoms that affect quality of life, they can also lead to the development of significant challenges with fertility and reproductive health, adrenal gland disorders, and thyroid disorders. 

Since the cornerstone of any effective treatment depends on accurate diagnosis, quality diagnostic testing must be used to accurately test hormone levels. Immunoassay testing is commonly used to test hormones due to its ability to detect and quantify specific substances in samples accurately and efficiently. This type of testing allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions about patient care, develop appropriate treatment plans, and improve overall health and well-being.  

Additionally, hormone testing is an essential tool in the assessment and management of infertility within the context of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Hormone tests allow healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s needs, leading to better outcomes and an increased likelihood of successful conception. 

Without effective strategies for hormone testing, the healthcare burden can be significant and far-reaching, impacting various aspects of patient care, health outcomes, and healthcare costs. Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, ineffective treatment, health complications, increased healthcare costs, adverse effects of hormone therapies, and challenges in fertility and reproductive health all contribute to the overall healthcare burden.

How can bioMérieux help with hormone & fertility testing?

As a recognized leader in on-demand immunoassay testing solutions, we offer a comprehensive solution of hormone assays combined with the broadest installed bases of benchtop immunoanalyzers in the world. The use of automated immunoassay tools and ready-to-use assays contributes to the accuracy, rapidness, and reliability of results used to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients rapidly and safely. 

VIDAS® Fertility Panel:
Our VIDAS® Fertility panel provides key diagnostic tools for the investigation of 8 different reproductive hormone dysfunctions. We offer a robust, reliable, and clinically validated solution that allows for convenient on-site testing at fertility centers.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART):
Correct diagnosis of the cause of infertility is a pre-requisite to successful treatment.
 Hormone measurements is essential to personalize treatment of infertility and monitor the progress of ovarian stimulation. They are used during treatment to check compliance, optimize drug doses, and avoid severe complications.

IVF for Protocols:
Our hormone fertility tests are also essential monitoring tools used in IVF for protocols
. Our tests contribute to the optimization of individual patient treatment for increased chances of success and greater patient comfort.

VIDAS® Cortisol S:
In addition to our fertility hormone tests, we offer the VIDAS® Cortisol S hormone which provides an aid for diagnosing and monitoring adrenal gland disorders

VIDAS® Thyroid Panel:
Our other hormone assays include the VIDAS® Thyroid panel which is used to diagnose a thyroid pathology, confirm a clinically suspected thyroid dysfunction, identify the type and cause of a thyroid disease, or monitor patients treated with synthetic anti-thyroid drugs or thyroxin as a substitute.

Hormone & Fertility - Our Diagnostic Offer

We offer our high quality VIDAS® hormone assays combined with the robust automation from our world-class benchtop immunoanalyzers for a complete fertility and thyroid testing solution.

Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country.  Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.

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