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Pet Food

We believe that the principles of food safety should apply just as rigorously to pet food as to products for human consumption. 

Pet Food

Animal food products can be contaminated with Salmonella or other bacteria and viruses if not handled properly, which can cause serious illnesses in pets. The presence of Salmonella and mycotoxins has actually been the cause of several large pet food recalls in recent years. The manufacture of dried, frozen or chilled pet food, chews and treats must be monitored to ensure safety
We provide fast and effective monitoring solutions for all typical contaminants including spoilage bacteria, enterobacteriaceae in the environment and pathogenic bacteria in finished products.

Product List

  • AIR IDEAL® 3P®

    AIR IDEAL® 3P® is used for the detection of viable organisms through active air sampling.

  • API® 

    API® makes microbial identification simple and reliable. Combining a standardized method with an extensive and robust digital microbial ID knowledge base, API® can easily be implemented into any microbiology laboratory.

  • BIOBALL® Standardized Strains for Food Applications

  • Culture Media    

    Reliable culture media solutions safeguard food products from contamination, making them an integral part of your laboratory’s daily quality control testing.


    The DILUMAT® dilution system is designed to ensure accurate dilutions and reduce contamination risks, standardizing your sample preparation and evolving with your needs.