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Automated PCR Setup

ESTREAM® offers high-precision automated PCR setup for streamlined workflow and secured results.


Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country. 

System Overview

Automated PCR Setup with an Improved Workflow 

PCR setup is a critical task in a laboratory, yet it can be repetitive and a drain on technician time. With the pressures for rapid, quality results that labs face today, continually improving workflow is primordial. The ESTREAM® automated PCR setup is a simple, straightforward solution.

  • Reduce hands-on time with high-performance 
  • Reliable results that are standardized and reproducible day-by-day
  • Easy to set up multiple PCR assays on one PCR plate
    • Quantitative and qualitative ARGENE® Real-Time PCR kits
    • Compatible with most commonly used 96-well PCR plates
  • Rapid, high-precision pipetting:
    • 200 µL single pipetting head
    • Air-based pipetting (no fluidic)
    • Liquid Level Sensing (pressure-based)
    • Multi-dispensing
    • Reliable pipetting performance

Versatile and Adaptable

The ESTREAM® instrument offers excellent versatility. You can be sure it will integrate easily into your lab, no matter your needs.

  • Validated for use with easyMAG® vessel and common eluates storage tubes (1.5 mL)
  • Compatible with the use of eluates from EMAG®, NucliSENS® easyMAG®, and ARGENE® Real-Time PCR assays
  • Easy-to-use software and full data transfer ensured throughout the process with bioMérieux’s complete molecular workflow solution:
    • ARGENE® CONNECT software offers full connectivity between LIS, EMAG®, NucliSENS® easyMAG®, ESTREAM®, and most frequently used Real-Time PCR platforms
    • Seamless function with ARGENE® assays workflow

Services & Support

When you invest in bringing bioMérieux instrumentation into your lab, you will also discover our best-in-class service and support solutions:

  • Comprehensive service offer
  • Easy implementation & instrument use
  • Support by an acknowledged and high-quality service network: skilled field engineers, application & IT experts
  • High level of responsiveness (hotline experts or onsite intervention)

System Services

Systems are a major investment for your lab. Night and day, you depend on them to help you provide clinicians with fast, reliable results for better patient care. With System Services from bioMérieux: maximize routine lab workflow, cover increased productivity needs, and deliver high quality patient results confidently and continuously.

Specs & Resources

Technical Specifications

Instrument Footprint (W x D x H)Width = 600 mm - Depth = 515 mm - Height = 470 mm
Weight45 kg
Deck Capacity9x microplates full positions and 3 reagent racks positions
Pipetting Head200 µl single channel head
Filtered Tips96 racked filtered tips: 50 µl, 200 µl provided by bioMérieux
Master Mix on BoardUp to 3 quantitative ARGENE® assays, Up to 6 qualitative ARGENE® assays, Up to 3 x 8 reagents/control tube positions
Run TimeApprox. 35 min (depending of the number of master mixes used)
ConnectivityConnectivity with ARGENE® CONNECT (data transfer software)
UV LampYes
HEPA FilterYes
IVD ComplianceGeneral Laboratory Use



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