Strong ties with associative actors

The bioMérieux teams take part in citizen actions through numerous initiatives in partnership with local associations and NGOs.

Sport dans la Ville

As a loyal supporter since 2007 of Sport dans la Ville, which uses sport to help young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods find their place in society and the professional world, bioMérieux sponsors and hosts young people to allow them to gain work experience.

  • In 2020, bioMérieux provided additional support to ensure that as many young people as possible in the association would receive help with homework during the pandemic, in particular for remote working through a dedicated software program with computers provided to students in their final years of high school.

Institut Télémaque

Since 2014, bioMérieux has been a partner of the Institut Télémaque, which provides schooling and homework support for youngsters from modest backgrounds,  from 7th grade through high school graduation.

  • In 2020, we pledged to fund the work of volunteer employees from our company as they provide support to 40 young people chosen by Institut Télémaque for a three-year period.



L'Entreprise des Possibles

In early 2019, Alain Mérieux, President of Institut Mérieux, officially launched L'Entreprise des possibles, a highly innovative initiative that calls on businesses in the Lyon area and their employees to help homeless and vulnerable individuals. As one of the founding companies in the group, bioMérieux immediately responded to the call to action along with other businesses in the Lyon area.

  • The Company encouraged employees who wished to become involved to do so in one of two ways: either by donating paid leave or by volunteering.
  • In response to the first option, bioMérieux employees gave overwhelmingly, donating 453 days of paid leave in 2021 which, once monetized, resulted in a donation of €280,000 to the endowment fund of L’Entreprise des Possibles. The 2019 donation contributed to the creation of a mobile village in Lyon in 2020.


bioMérieux supports the work of Bioforce, a humanitarian organization founded in Lyon in 1983 at the incentive of Dr. Charles Mérieux, who came to the conclusion that no aid work is possible without logistics support.

Bioforce enables individuals, organizations and institutions that respond to the needs born out of humanitarian crises to acquire, develop and maintain the skills they need to accomplish their work, ensuring that they can deliver effective, high-quality assistance to vulnerable populations.

The organization works to ensure that skill development tools are available and accessible to all worldwide.