True to its mission to contribute to the improvement of public health worldwide, bioMérieux strives to share its know-how and improve access to healthcare throughout the world.


Two foundations for global action


bioMérieux supports the actions of the Fondation Mérieux, which has public interest status, and the Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux, which operates under the aegis of the Institut de France. For many years now, bioMérieux has supported these foundations, which aim to fight against infectious diseases in disadvantaged countries by strengthening their clinical biology capabilities.

During 2010, bioMérieux, the Fondation Mérieux and the Institut Mérieux engaged in a large-scale, long-term program in Haiti to contribute to the reconstruction of this country devastated by the January earthquake.

Different initiatives were undertaken to restore the country’s clinical biology capacities, improve healthcare and help Haitian women and children.

bioMérieux, in particular, restored the GHESKIO* clinical biology and BSL2/3 research laboratory to working condition after it was damaged by the earthquake. GHESKIO and the Fondation Mérieux have a long-standing partnership dedicated to the fight against AIDS in Haiti. Now that the laboratory is functioning once again, major public health needs generated by the catastrophe and amplified by the subsequent epidemics can be met.

The Foundations and bioMérieux also enhanced the laboratory’s capabilities for tuberculosis diagnosis.Additional support was provided in bacteriology, with training on cholera and a research project on the etiology of pneumonia.

Within the framework of French aid to the Port-au-Prince Hospital, which was entirely destroyed by the earthquake, bioMérieux is rebuilding the hospital’s clinical biology laboratory and providing the necessary diagnostic equipment. As part of this project, a fully equipped modular laboratory was delivered to Haiti in early 2011.

With the financial support of the Institut Mérieux and bioMérieux, the two Foundations have established certifying courses in biology for Haitian laboratory technicians, in partnership with the ESTBB** and the Catholic University of Lyon. They have also reinforced micro-credit programs for seropositive women that were in place before the earthquake, and created homes for children.

Finally, on behalf of the Fondation Christophe & Rodolphe Mérieux, the Institut de France awarded the Christophe Mérieux prize (500,000 euros) to Professor Jean William Pape, the founder of the GHESKIO Centers, for his exemplary work in the fight against infectious diseases in Haiti.


* GHESKIO: the Haitian Group for the Study of Kaposi’s Sarcoma and
Opportunistic Infections
** ESTBB: School of Biology Biochemistry Biotechnologies

Support to various international organizations


bioMérieux also works with various international organizations such as the Bill Clinton Foundation, the United Nations, the World Bank, the Global Business Coalition, and the European Commission, by supporting certain initiatives (financing research projects, international programs, etc.). Through these different partnerships, bioMérieux intends to use its expertise to make healthcare more widely accessible throughout the world.