We implement environmentally responsible actions to preserve the planet as a healthy
 place to live.

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« Vision 2020 », a health, safety and environment policy for everyone, everywhere

In 2016, we outlined “Vision 2020”, a global HSE policy based on four pillars:

All bioMérieux sites have contributed to the achievement of ambitious objectives in terms of HSE.

bioMérieux made a commitment to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2020, at constant sales. The target was far exceeded, as emissions were reduced by 39%! In other words, since 2019, the Company's annual emissions are equivalent to those of 2015 (nearly 70,000 tons per year) despite the very strong growth of our activities!


Discover all of the accomplishments made over the past five years:

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Environmental certification

All new buildings integrate low-consumption objectives and respect environmental quality standards.

  • 12 sites ISO 14001:2015 certified;

  • 2 commercial subsidiaries ISO 14001 certified.