Industrial applications

Diagnostics ensures that food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary products are safe. For these industries, bioMérieux provides extremely reliable quality control tools.

Companies in the food, biopharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors care about the health of consumers and patients. They control the microbiological quality of the products that they manufacture or process in line with strict regulatory requirements. Raw materials, the production environment and finished products are monitored at each step of the manufacturing process.

bioMérieux is a world leader in industrial microbiology control

bioMérieux offers the most extensive range of solutions for industrial microbiological control, both manual and automated, providing quick and reliable results to companies in the food, biopharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. These solutions cover all stages of analysis, from sample preparation to the the identification of the microorganisms.

These solutions are used to qualify raw materials, to monitor processes and the environment during production, and to test the quality of finished products. They are recommended to help ensure food safety, food quality (hygiene criteria) and the sterility of finished products.


bioMérieux’s solutions are suited to specific manufacturing processes and meet regulatory requirements.