Healthcare ecosystem

bioMérieux’s commitment to serve public health is part of an overall approach aiming to protect patients’ interests and preserve the Company’s reputation and the interests of its shareholders. 

bioMérieux expects the behavior of all employees, including the management team, to uphold its ambitions of integrity, fairness and respect in all types of activity. The Company operates within a framework of principles, directives, procedures and standards that reflect the highest ethical standards.

Our Ethics and Compliance Program, launched in 2011, plays an important role in driving compliance across bioMérieux’s business activities and is an integral part of the Company’s values, culture and philosophy.

This program strives to establish and promote ethical conduct in all business dealings. It should allow all bioMérieux employees to contribute to the development of the activity in accordance with the Group culture and all applicable regulations. This program of prevention includes training on ethics topics for all employees.

Its key priorities are to:

  • Enhance measures to prevent corruption;
  • Secure the distribution network;
  • Prevent conflicts of interest with healthcare professionals;
  • Apply export regulations;
  • Protect patient data.

It is based on a risk-based approach as illustrated in the following diagram.