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Quality Solutions to Support Manufacturing of Cell & Gene Therapies

December 16, 2021

Overcome complex manufacturing challenges and ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of cell and gene therapies administered to patients with bioMérieux’s proven portfolio of value-added solutions.

Cell and gene therapies are one of today’s most cutting edge-scientific approaches to treating or curing disease, so reliable and safe manufacturing are critical.

Our solutions to support manufacturing of cell and gene therapies equip teams with analytical testing systems to overcome challenges such as low-production volume, short product shelf life, the use of complex raw materials, tracking and data integrity, and patient demands. 

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To help you ensure patient safety and preserve the cells effectiveness throughout the delicate manufacturing process, we offer a range of products that support the implementation of quality control assays.

Sterility Testing: BACT/ALERT® 3D DUAL T Rapid Microbial Detection

Mycoplasma Testing: BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma 

Endotoxin Detection: ENDOZYME® II GO STRIPS

Bioburden Testing: SCANRDI® Rapid and Sensitive Detection

With support from bioMérieux’s automated, quality control testing solutions, you can move testing on-site for an optimized, streamlined workflow that gets finished products to the patient as soon as possible. 

To complete our portfolio, we have established a partnership with Accelix to provide a full range of automated assays for cellular quality attribute testing.


The Accellix automated cell phenotyping platform enables complex cellular quality control (QC) testing of cellular therapies, further allowing for the rapid completion of a set of tests to ensure cell viability, identity, and purity.


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