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Environmental Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Industries

Quality Control monitoring in microbiology is critical and challenging for pharmaceutical companies. While hand transcription remains the standard procedure in use, these daily processes often result in errors, leading to time-consuming investigations and data that isn’t fully compliant.

The traditional methods to run Environmental Monitoring (EM) controls are extremely manual, variable and error-prone, but it remains the standard procedure. With hundreds of millions of samples per year, it often happens that errors occur, due to data integrity failures, incorrect enumerations, and missed samples, all leading to time-consuming and expensive investigations which can ultimately impact patient safety.

The Future Of Environmental Monitoring

At bioMérieux, we are strongly committed to empowering pharmaceutical industries to take control of their production environment. We believe that digitalizing and automating your entire EM process from sampling to analysis will limit uncertainty while enhancing productivity. Our 3P® solutions are innovative and flexible and will elevate your level of data integrity. Improve production efficiency and speed with real-time information. These changes are by no means an easy task, but by engaging with bioMérieux experts, end-to-end EM can be within your future!



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