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BIOBALL® Custom Services


In the recent years, inclusion of in-house isolates and other objectionable microorganisms in various microbiological QC test methods has gained significant importance in order to meet regulatory expectations and to ensure product quality.

BIOBALL® Custom Services helps you simplify the implementation of microbial strains of your interest in the routine microbiological quality control.

Your strain of interest in your choice of CFU format

Just like BIOBALL® Standardised strains, BIOBALL® Custom Services uses proprietary and intellectual cytometry technology to produce an accurate and precise quantitative reference material for microbiological quality control.

BIOBALL® Custom Services preserve, maintain and manufacture your in-house isolates and other microbial strains of your interest in ready-to-use BIOBALL® format. Every year, BIOBALL® Custom Services works with vast number of in-house isolates coming from different geographies, and customise them into an accurate and precise BIOBALL meeting specific QC testing needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers.


  • Accurate & Precise – every batch, every aliquot
  • Cost effective – with time saving solutions
  • Efficient – Simple and quick workflow
  • Test on demand - Ready-to-Use test available at any time, no defrosting required
  • Cuts down intensive preparation times, easy to use, as few as 4 steps
  • Stock cultures of your in-house isolates are stored and maintained for future use

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Why Pharmaceutical Developers Use BIOBALL® 

Unlike our counterparts in the chemical world, consistently precise and accurate results from pharmaceutical microorganism quality control are encountered less often. In other words, quantitative microbiological testing allows for fairly large discrepancies in the results due to the inherent difficulties in dealing with living organisms as well as quantifying them.

BIOBALL® Multishot
How to use BIOBALL® MULTISHOT 550 with BIOBALL® re-hydratation fluid?

BIOBALL® Singleshot
How to use BIOBALL® SINGLESHOT for on an agar plate?

Download the brochure BIOBALL® In-House Isolate Services

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