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ESL Dairy & Plant-based Beverages

Capitalizing on consumers’ desire for plant based milk & beverages means investing in extended shelf-life technology. 

ESL Dairy & Plant-based Beverages

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures for beverages are often subject to strict regulations when it comes to microbiological testing, food additives, and general hygiene requirements. 
Top priorities for producers are to maintain high quality standards (processing lines, water) and good cleaning facilities to guarantee a high level of continuity in production and safety for consumers. Your partner in solutions for this process is bioMérieux.

Product List

  • eGENE-UP® Lysis and RNA/DNA Purification

    The eGENE-UP® system enables high-quality Lysis and RNA/DNA purification to enhance the detection of foodborne pathogens across a wide array of targets.