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Whether hard (Gouda), blue (Stilton), fresh (Ricotta), soft ripened (Camembert), semi-hard (Cheddar), or even pasta filata (Mozzarella), cheeses, made with raw or pasteurized milk, need to be produced under strict hygienic conditions to prevent any microbial contamination. 


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures, along with risk analysis at the milk production level, are paramount for the industry to protect consumers and their brands. In order to simplify this process, ensure adherence to regulations, and protect brand identity through quality products, choose bioMérieux for their long history of expertise with innovative pathogen detection systems.

Product List

  • AIR IDEAL® 3P®

    AIR IDEAL® 3P® is used for the detection of viable organisms through active air sampling.

  • API® 

    API® makes microbial identification simple and reliable. Combining a standardized method with an extensive and robust digital microbial ID knowledge base, API® can easily be implemented into any microbiology laboratory.

  • BIOBALL® Standardized Strains for Food Applications

  • Culture Media    

    Reliable culture media solutions safeguard food products from contamination, making them an integral part of your laboratory’s daily quality control testing.


    The DILUMAT® dilution system is designed to ensure accurate dilutions and reduce contamination risks, standardizing your sample preparation and evolving with your needs.