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Our Offer

From helping healthcare professionals determine the presence of disease to protecting your food and pharmaceuticals from harmful contaminants, our impact is all around you. 

Our Offer

We combine cutting-edge innovation and research in science and technology with the commitment of our teams - including nearly 2,000 scientists from around the world - to develop products and services that advance patient care and ensure consumer safety.

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Hospital and Laboratory    

Advancing the impact of clinical diagnostics in healthcare by effectively developing and delivering innovative solutions that address significant unmet operational and medical needs in immunoassays, microbiology, and molecular biology, to help combat the rise of antimicrobial resistance and better manage acute conditions linked to infections.

point of care physician

Point of Care

Expanding syndromic testing technology outside traditional clinical laboratories to the point-of-care settings to provide patients with fast answers, while giving clinicians the information they need to make timely, targeted treatment decisions - contributing to the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

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Food Safety & Quality

As a leading provider of augmented diagnostics for smarter and more dynamic risk assessment, we help our customers provide consumers safe products of the highest quality. Through rigorous science, technology, expertise and data science, we are committed to move from test results to true actionable insights.

Pharma Quality Control

Pharma Quality Control

We help the pharmaceutical industry through our expertise and our innovative suite of solutions, providing rapid and highly accurate methods. Our integrated offer easily adapts to our customers’ facilities, products, and processes, to ultimately provide critical therapies to patients quickly and safely.