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01 OCTOBER, 2004

Appointment of an Independent Board Member - Composition of Audit and Compensation Committees

Marcy l'Etoile, France - October 1st, 2004.

  • bioMérieux announces the nomination of a new independent Board Member, Mr Michel Angé, Vice-Président of APICIL-Prévoyance, to its Board of Directors. This nomination brings the total number of company Board Members to nine, and the number of independent Board Members to four.


    As of today, the Board of Directors is composed of:

    • Mr Alain Mérieux, Président du Conseil d’Administration and Directeur Général, 66,
    • Mr Christophe Mérieux, Vice-Président du Conseil d’Administration, 38,
    • Mr Philippe Villet, 67,
    • Marcel Dassault Industrial Group, represented by Mr Benoît Habert, 41,
    • Mr Alexandre Mérieux, 30,
    • TSGH company, represented by Mrs Dominique Takizawa, 48,
    • Mr Georges Hibon, 67,
    • Mr Michele Palladino, 64,
    • Mr Michel Angé, 65,
  • The Board also voted the composition of the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee.
    • Mr Michel Angé is nominated Chairman of the Audit Committee.
    • Messrs. Benoît Habert and Philippe Villet become members.
    • Mr Georges Hibon is nominated Chairman of the Compensation Committee.
    • Messrs. Michele Palladino and Christophe Mérieux become members.
  • Furthermore, Mrs Dominique Takizawa will leave her position as Chief Executive Officer of ACCRA, the bioMérieux family holding, this month to join bioMérieux, where she will assume the function of Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs. She will be in charge, notably, of supervising Investor Relations.

Michel Angé, 65, holds a Degree from the Institut Technique de Banque. He has made his entire career at the Lyonnaise de Banque. As of 1982, he held several positions in the Group’s General Management departments, before being nominated Directeur Général in 1987 and up to 1999. He is today board member of TESSI, of Lyonnaise de Banque and of Banque de Vizille, and Vice-Président of APICIL-Prévoyance.

Dominique Takizawa, 48, joined the family holding company ACCRA in 2001, where she assisted Mr Alain Mérieux and the management team with the development of the Group. She previously held the functions of Directeur Financier at the Institut Mérieux, notably during the acquisition of Connaught, at Merial during the set-up of the joint venture between Merck&Co. and Rhône Poulenc, and Contrôleur at Aventis Cropscience. Dominique holds a Degree from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales.