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A Game-Changing Predictive Approach for Alicyclobacillus and Guaiacol Producer Results

October 06, 2022


In this video, Benjamin Pascal explains how to get next-day Alicyclobacillus and guaiacol producer results thanks to one of our latest innovation: GENE-UP® PRO ACB.

Benjamin Pascal is the global head of xPRO, a new entrepreneurial division within bioMérieux, that focuses on developing the most unique and most value-adding molecular solutions to meet the every changing needs of the food and beverage industry. 

Alicyclobacillus is often an organism of significant concern given that it is an acidophile, so it loves acids and importantly, it survives a hot-fill or pasteurization process. 

Thermo-acidophilic Bacteria (TAB) can often produce an off-flavor in beverages, including and for the most part, juices. 

Not all Alicyclobacillus or TAB is producing the equal. Some of them produce the metabolite that will create the issues of the off-flavour and the smells that are associated with TAB contamination and many of them do not.

So we worked in partnership with Cornell University to identify through genomics what are the genes that allow one type of Alicyclobacillus to go on and produce this metabolite that spoils the product versus another type of Alicyclobacillus that it would be innocuous and not affect the products that could be released in quality. 

Working with Cornell University and working with our Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center, we identify those genes and are able to build a better assay that can detect
Alicyclobacillus in juices, in concentrates,in purees, in nectars, in sweetener solutions, and in finished product in 24 hours with a presence-absence level of detection.

Unlike many of the diagnostics that exist in the world, GENE-UP® PRO ACB detects Alicyclobacillus, but most importantly, Alicyclobacillus going to go forward and produce guaiacol and impact the quality of your product.


A game-Changing Approach for Alicyclobacillus and guaiacol producer results 

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