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MASTERCLAVE® Media Preparator

Simplify Your Workflow With The New MASTERCLAVE® 60 EVO

MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system that places automation at the heart of your laboratory and improves the entire workflow, from media preparation to pathogen testing.

MASTERCLAVE® is the first step in effective pathogen detection and enumeration, particularly for the preparation of culture media and when a high volume of broth is needed for precise food microbiological analysis.

Enter a world of automation, productivity, and reliability with the new MASTERCLAVE® 60 EVO, including exciting features:

  • An auto-start option: Your media is available anytime you want.
  • A capacity to prepare up to 60L of media.
  • It is still easy to use, with no technical skills needed.

By using our MASTERCLAVE® 60 EVO, you save operator time and manual steps by removing time-consuming steps such as weighing, water addition, homogenization, autoclaving, and water bathing.

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