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A Conversation with Sean Leighton

Friday Foodie Talk    

October 7, 2020

Digital Solutions for Food Safety Plants

In this session, Sean Leighton, Global Vice President of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Cargill, will give you his point of view concerning these ongoing questions:

  • Issues like traceability being raised among suppliers, producers, regulators and even consumers, what is your point of view towards this increasing demand?
  • Regarding internal audits, what is the current prevailing approach in the food industry?
  • What kind of data would be incorporated in these digital solutions in order to advance food safety?
  • How can industry leaders like Cargill impact the mindset change and advocate for global adoption across the supply chain?
  • Can you imagine that a digital solutions application could be used to truly calculate the value of a food safety program?
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