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Accelerated Analytical Speeds Up Client Analysis With GENE-UP®

June 03, 2019


Ensuring food is free of contaminants is vital for manufacturers. Contaminated or sub-standard products released to the market can harm customers and do severe financial and reputational damage to the producer. 

To combat this issue, US-based testing laboratory Accelerated Analytical helps producers analyse food produce for common pathogens on a contract basis. 

In this case study we discuss how Accelerated Analytical is deploying bioMérieux’s advanced GENE-UP® system in order to help their valued clients better protect customers and improve productivity. 


Who Is Accelerated Analytical?

Beginning in company President Dave Metzger’s garage in 2007, Accelerated Analytical is now a full-service contract cGMP-testing lab with a 19,000-foot, ISO 17025 accredited facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Accelerated Analytical serves clients in the food, medical devices, natural products, pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets.

It performs quality control and product release testing on a wide range of consumer items including pet food, lotions, shampoos, cleaning supplies, vitamins, water, and prepared foods.


What Problem Did Accelerated Analytical Need A Solution For? 

With more and more food products sold ready-to-eat, customers are required to place greater trust in manufacturers on a daily basis. Contaminants such as Salmonella and Listeria for example can be present in a variety of foods and can cause serious issues in consumers if not detected.

When contaminated products are released, the producer’s brand can also be significantly damaged. And in such a competitive industry, this damage is severe. Producers are also under pressure to release products quickly in order to minimise the impacts on quality and reduce costly storage time. It is a difficult balancing act.


How Did the GENE-UP® System Solve Accelerated Analytical's Problem?

Accelerated Analytical understood that any opportunity to help its clients maintain safety while optimising productivity would bring great benefits to both themselves and their customers.

They needed to be able to test client products faster but still maintain the trusted and validated accuracy that ensures products remain safe and compliant. 

To achieve both of these aims, Accelerated Analytical worked with bioMérieux to develop rapid testing workflows based on the GENE-UP® system.

GENE-UP® is an intuitive, real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) solution for molecular pathogen detection that produces fast and precise results for food products.

The system reduces false positives that can be created due to interference by enzymes in alternative testing methods, saving the operator time and resources. 

The open platform is also highly versatile and can be adapted to perform ceeramTOOLS® kits that can detect viruses and parasites such as Norovirus and Hepatitis strains.


How Was GENE-UP® Introduced Into Food Safety Testing At Accelerated Analytical?

The platform was integrated into existing testing workflows without interrupting ongoing processes. GENE-UP® system can be installed on any PC so there is no additional setup time or costs for a proprietary monitor.

The software can also be connected to an existing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) so that current equipment management processes can continue as normal. 

In addition, the plate map can be accessed remotely so the analyst doesn't need to be at the bench, which reduces hands-on time when first introduced.


What Were the Notable Improvements After the GENE-UP® System was Implemented?

Accelerated Analytical reported a dramatic improvement in the sensitivity of their testing and the quality and speed of results achieved.This had a genuine impact on their business as a whole, allowing the company to forge closer partnerships with clients and handle a greater workload.

“With GENE-UP® we find the process to be quicker - both hands-on time and system run time - which translates to reporting negative results to our customers sooner. In turn this results in them being able to release their products to the market more rapidly. The faster turn-around time is crucial or us and vital to our customers.”

Dave Metzger (Accelerated Analytical’s President)

GENE-UP®:  Pathogen Detection with Fast & Accurate Results

GENE-UP® is an innovative real-time PCR optimised for rapid and precisefood pathogen detection.

With an intuitive interface and simplified workflow, the GENE-UP® system helps food manufacturers quickly ensure product safety with rapid and validated testing.



Accelerated Analytical