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Clinical Cases

AMR/AMS Clinical Case 2

Management of Infection

Follow Aleesha in her infection management, choose appropriate diagnostic tests and select the most appropriate antibiotic therapy. 

English | 7 minutes

AMR/AMS Clinical Case 1

Management of Infection

Follow Henry in his infection management, choose appropriate diagnostic tests and select the most appropriate antibiotic therapy. 

English | 7 minutes

Sepsis Management

Management of Infection

Discover through a captivating & innovative format the case of Mr Smith, a 70-year-old patient presenting to the emergency department with respiratory distress. 

English | 8 minutes

Clinical case 1 Enterobacterales ESBL

Management of Infection

Clinical case provided by Dr Luis Cuéllar, 65-year-old patient admitted to the emergency department with fever and abdominal pain.

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