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Meet Our Teams

Florine, committed to the climate

Florine joined bioMérieux in 2013 as a Supply Chain Project Manager.
Over the years, she evolved in her role and is now manager for the Supply and Demand team.

Throughout the world, the Supply Chain ensures product availability, on-time deliveries and logistics services. Florine's job makes her aware of our responsibility in terms of environmental impacts. On a personal and professional level, she encourages people around her to take action on climate change issues.

At bioMérieux, Florine took part in the Climate Fresk, a collaborative workshop designed to understand the essential mechanisms of climate change and mobilize everyone to take action, at their own level. After this workshop, she wanted to go further by attending a training course to become a Climate Fresk facilitator.

She now shares her learnings with her colleagues by leading workshops. Her commitment is perfectly consistent with that of the Supply Chain, whose all teams will have participated in the Climate Fresk by the end of the year.

“For me, The Climate Fresk workshops are enriching moments. They make us realize that time is running out for the planet! They also demonstrate the importance of bioMérieux’s efforts to limit our environmental footprint, such as eco-design or shipping by sea instead of by air.”


Florine is convinced that participating in these workshops contributes to creating a common culture for the preservation of the planet and fosters individual awareness that everyone can act, both at work and beyond.

Her commitment to the climate does not stop at bioMérieux's doors! In her spare time, Florine is involved in local initiatives and associations to protect the planet.