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Growth opportunities

Whether you are an experienced professional looking to take up new challenges or a recent graduate eager to land your first job, working at bioMérieux is an opportunity to advance public health  – and your own career – in a stimulating and multicultural environment. 

Together with 13,000 colleagues representing close to 100 nationalities, you will contribute to provide reliable answers to the world’s public health questions. In turn, we will empower you to draw a career path that is in line with your aspirations and potential as an individual.  

We believe that your individual achievements are the basis of our collective strength and success. Supporting your professional growth means valuing learning opportunities at all levels: 

  • Through your involvement in cross-functional projects with our multicultural teams. 
  • Through formal skills training programs. These include functional academies to develop a specific skill set or excellence within a particular domain, high-level management programs for new and experienced leaders, and digital learning resources accessible 24/7. 
  • Most importantly through our commitment to maximize your potential in the long term by prioritizing internal mobility. We offer vertical, horizontal, transversal, and international mobility, always with the objective to help you develop new skills, meet new teams, and challenge yourself through new learning and work experiences. 

Mérieux Université

To address the challenge of ongoing change in our professional environment, our family holding company, Institut Mérieux, created Mérieux Université, a corporate university that empowers team members by providing a place for collaboration and formal trainings. 

Mérieux Université aims to shape personal and professional development of all our team members worldwide and includes: 

  • Employee skills training to keep pace with market trends, technologies, and digitalization 
  • Team-building modules to enhance organizational performance 
  • Management and leadership programs to strengthen managerial practices and support an intercultural approach.