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Strong ties with schools and academic institutions  

In the area around Lyon and Grenoble, France, bioMérieux is a partner to several universities as well as les grandes écoles (top-ranking institutions of French higher education), strengthening cooperation with the world of university research and gaining access to a pool of talented individuals for recruitment purposes.

EMLYON Business School 

In 2015, the Company established a five-year partnership with EMLYON Business School. bioMérieux was one of the first companies to join the Global Business Networkwhich brings together major international businesses that are partners to the business school. It has become the partner with expertise in the life sciences within the scope of the I.D.E.A. program, a novel learning approach adopted by EMLYON.

Fondation Université Grenoble Alpes

bioMérieux is a founding member of the Fondation Université Grenoble Alpes (France) created in 2014. The aim of this foundation is to support top-notch research projects and promote equal opportunity. In 2018, bioMérieux renewed its support for five more years.

The Company has also participated since 2015 in the BioHealth Computing project at Université Grenoble Alpes, which combines multidisciplinary approaches and develops interfaces among the healthcare, computer engineering and mathematics fields. Within the scope of this support, the Company has funded 27 scholarships in four years, providing top students in this specialization the opportunity to continue their studies in an international environment by pursuing the “Health 4 Life” Engineering Master’s degree (formerly Excellence bioHC) and enabling bioMérieux to hire young graduates from this course.


 I was fortunate to receive a bioMérieux scholarship for my Master's degree (level 2) in mobility and to study in Barcelona, which gave me the opportunity to discover other cultures and other ways of teaching and learning subjects in the health sciences. With this experience under my belt, in late 2017 I was hired to work on the BioFire multi-cultural, international global marketing team for the Europe Middle East Africa region. As a Junior Marketing  Manager, I was in charge of organizing international congresses. Thanks to my scholarship, I was able to fulfill both my educational goals and my career goals. 

Ghislain Bourseau
Junior Marketing Manager

INSA Lyon Foundation

bioMérieux and the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) Lyon Foundation have been partners since 2010. The Company hosts interns from the school, organizes career conferences there and participates in the INSA Business Forum.

Building on this partnership, bioMérieux has become a corporate partner of the UNITECH program for academic excellence. The program brings together nine European and 22 partner businesses. It has developed a network of over 650 alumni and currently supports 80 engineers in diverse fields of specialization who have been selected to take part in the program.


Graduate School of BiologyBiochemistry-Biotechnology (ESTBB) 

bioMérieux has established longstanding partnerships with ESTBB, one of the schools of the science faculty of the Catholic University of Lyon. Nearly 180 bioMérieux employees are ESTBB graduates, and every year the Company hires interns and work-study candidates from among its student body. Since 2008, the HR Director France of bioMérieux has been a member of ESTBB’s Excellence Council.




In the United States, bioMérieux and the University of North Carolina are partners. The Company sponsors the Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) and awards scholarships to two students annually. At its St. Louis, Missouri site, bioMérieux employs interns from Washington University. Also in Missouri, the Company gives scholarships to students selected from two universities. Management teams maintain close ties with these institutes of higher education, facilitating the recruitment of recent graduates to join bioMérieux teams.