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Diagnosing Infections

Respiratory infections are among the most common reasons patients seek outpatient care.[1] Gastrointestinal infections are also seen in outpatient settings year-round. Joint infections may be less common, but they are challenging and complex to diagnose.

Overcome Diagnostic Challenges

Knowing the cause of an infection can help clinicans make optimal treatment decisions. But traditional testing methods can be slow and lack sensitivity. Syndromic testing detects a broad grouping of probable pathogens in one quick test, giving clinicans the answers they need to make timely, targeted treatment decisions.

Patient Condition


BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory (R) Panel Mini

The CLIA-waived SPOTFIRE R Panel Mini brings onsite PCR testing to outpatient settings, testing for 5 of the most probable respiratory viruses with results in ~15 minutes.


BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory (R) Panel

The CLIA-waived SPOTFIRE R Panel tests for 15 common respiratory viruses and bacteria, offering comprehensive, accurate, and actionable PCR results in about 15 minutes. 



Designed to run the SPOTFIRE R Panels, the easy-to-use SPOTFIRE System is small and vertically scalable, offering seamless connectivity with POC data management systems.



Many respiratory pathogens can cause similar, overlapping symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose respiratory infections based on symptoms alone.



When it comes to gastrointestinal infections, traditional stool testing is labor intensive and time consuming—and it often fails to provide actionable results. 


Joint Infection

Conventional testing for joint infections is complex, often requiring multiple patient samples, various send-out tests, and days of waiting for results.  


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Urgent Care

Provide timely, targeted treatment to urgent care patients—all while avoiding unnecessary antibiotics.

Baby visiting the doctor for a checkup


Help relieve anxious parents with the fast answers provided by syndromic testing.

Doctor with patient in medical office

General Practice

Offer patients convenient, onsite testing with fast, comprehensive results. 

Young beautiful woman having painful stomachache.Chronic gastritis. Abdomen bloating concept.


Help distinguish and IBD flare-up from a gastrointestinal infection with syndromic testing, and avoid unnecessary antimicrobials.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Overcome the limits of traditional joint infection diagnostics with fast, comprehensive testing—directly onsite in CLIA-moderate settings.


1. Finley CR, et al. Can Fam Physician. 2018 Nov; 64(11): 832-840.