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Hospital & Laboratory

bioMérieux aims to advance the impact of Clinical Diagnostic in Healthcare by effectively developing and delivering to the market innovative solutions that address significant unmet operational and medical needs, contributing to fight the rise of antimicrobial resistance and to better manage acute conditions linked to infections.

We develop equipment, tests and software that deliver rapid, high-impact, actionable results in immunoassays, microbiology and molecular biology.

Thanks to our "solutions" approach, we take care to always put the patient's interest first by providing our customers with increasingly integrated solutions for optimal workflow and time to result.

In Hospital / In Lab

Patient Conditions 

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance is undermining modern medicine and putting patients at risk of premature death. bioMérieux is committed to preserving antibiotic efficacy with the right diagnostic tests that guide appropriate and responsible use of antibiotics to ensure they remain lifesaving for posterity.


Because every COVID-19 patient comes with a unique profile and experiences the disease differently, patient management means asking the right questions, finding the right answers and providing appropriate care the entire length of the patient pathway.

Sepsis Solutions 

Early detection and specific clinical intervention has been shown to be crucial for the improved outcome of patients with sepsis. However, sepsis can be difficult to distinguish from other, non-infectious conditions in critically ill patients. bioMérieux provides solutions to help clinicians diagnose and assess sepsis risk as quickly and accurately as possible.


Connectivity and Data

Decision-making can be based on facts and figures that are easily available when needed, to measurably improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and cost of patient care.

Total Service Solutions

At bioMérieux, we understand that ongoing management of a diagnostics platform in the clinical laboratory or in clinic-based settings is no mean feat. That’s why we aim to provide easy access to information and resources to help customers use our products and services with confidence.

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