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Our Offer

From helping healthcare professionals determine the presence of disease to protecting your food and pharmaceuticals from harmful contaminants, our impact is all around you. 

Our Offer

We combine cutting-edge innovation and research in science and technology with the commitment of our teams - including nearly 2,000 scientists from around the world - to develop products and services that advance patient care and ensure consumer safety.



hospital & laboratory technicians

In Hospital/In Lab 

We develop equipment, tests and software that deliver rapid, high-impact, actionable results in immunoassays, microbiology and molecular biology.

pediatricians office

Point of Care

Respiratory infections are among the most common reasons patients seek outpatient care. Gastrointestinal infections are also seen in outpatient settings year-round. Joint infections may be less common, but they are challenging and complex to diagnose.

Family dinner

Food Safety and Quality

As a leading provider of rapid, sensitive & proven microbiological testing solutions, we're committed to ensuring the quality and safety of your food products. Through Predictive Diagnostics, we offer a more complete approach so we can help you move away from detecting and responding to issues, to predicting and preventing them.

Pharma Quality Control

We help the pharmaceutical industry ensure product quality through our comprehensive portfolio of efficient solutions for microbial quality control. Our complete line of diagnostic solutions provides simplified workflows for routine testing, rapid results, and ensures patient safety.