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VILINK®: Real-Time Support

Instrument uptime is critical to ensure a steady lab workflow. VILINK® ensures minimal downtime by providing remote technical support and software updates while preserving the integrity of your data.

Remote Troubleshooting for Minimal Disruption

Accessible with a simple Internet connection, VILINK® has been proven to provide maintenance solutions five times faster compared to on-site resolution. A highly secured solution, advantages include real-time troubleshooting, online coaching available at your convenience, and on-demand and automatic software updates.

Product List    


    Em-body Connectivity

    Monitoring quality in microbiology is critical and challenging for pharmaceutical companies. ​While hand transcription remains the standard procedure in use, these daily processes often rhyme with errors leading to time-consuming investigations, and not fully compliant data.​

    Em-power the Future

    Environmental monitoring (EM) is the main microbiological control performed by pharmaceutical industries. While multiple hand-written and transcription operations remain the standard procedure in use for thousands of samples per month, the daily processes often result in errors leading to time-consuming investigations, low value-added tasks and data that is not fully compliant. As a result: major impacts on batch release, on process efficiency and ultimately patient safety.
  • VILINK® Instrument Management System        

    Instrument Management System

    VILINK® software is our real-time support system that keeps the instruments in your laboratory running via remote monitoring.
  • VITEK EXPRESS Identification Services

    ID Services Powered by Microbiology Experts

    As microbiologists, we know fast and reliable results are of the utmost importance. Get the accurate identifications you need quickly and easily.
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