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Global Code of Conduct

We are committed to bringing the highest standards of business ethics to everything we do. This responsibility is crucial to all the people who depend on bioMérieux: our employees, our customers, our communities, our shareholders, our partners and our suppliers.

In the highly diverse, complex world of business interactions, our employees may sometimes be faced with ambiguous situations. We have developed a Global Code of Conduct that sets out the rules of conduct and integrity and procedures governing our employees’ behavior wherever bioMérieux conducts business.

It is intended to guide employees in the performance of their duties and responsibilities and ensure compliance with the Company’s commitments to ethical and lawful conduct. 

In addition, it encourages each employee to express his or her concerns regarding compliance issues.

If employees have questions about the interpretation or application of ethics rules, an in-house officer is available for support. A helpline is moreover open available 24 hours a day in all countries where bioMérieux operates.


Download bioMérieux Global code of conduct

020572 - Attachment 1 - Global Code of Conduct - en - Web version.pdf
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We also have high standards of ethics and integrity for our business partners. We expect them to follow the principles found in the Business Principles for Third Parties.