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Microbial Identification

Get the right information at the right time with accurate identifications from our complete identification portfolio. When you need to make confident decisions about the quality of your product, trust the microbiology and identification experts for accurate identification.

Reliable and Easy-To-Use Solutions

To ensure you get the right information at the right time, bioMérieux provides a comprehensive offering of identification solutions and services, from rapid in-lab ID systems to the expertise of outsourced identification. Our range of VITEK solutions can identify the majority of microorganisms that contaminate facilities and products in a minimal amount of time and our automated data collection ensures objective results and less risk of error.

Product List

  • API® 

    API® makes microbial identification simple and reliable. Combining a standardized method with an extensive and robust digital microbial ID knowledge base, API® can easily be implemented into any microbiology laboratory.

  • ETEST®

    The ETEST® method provides a level of precision that other manual Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) methods cannot.


    PREVI® COLOR GRAM is a fully automated stain process from fixation to drying that uses our patented spray technology to provide rapid, standardized results for all specimen types.


    The VITEK® 2 Compact system offers quality control testing solutions for fast and accurate microbial identification. With technology that includes an extensive and robust identification database, rapid results, and minimal training time, it will streamline laboratory workflow for increased productivity.

  • VITEK® MS Rapid Identification of Microorganisms

    VITEK® MS was developed for its rapid identification of microorganisms for the pharmaceutical,personal care, and food industries. Suitable for industrial manufacturers and pharmaceutical laboratories who work with microbial identification, our knowledge base contains the most frequently encountered organisms in pharmaceutical, food and animal health applications.

  • VITEK® MS PRIME MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry System

    The VITEK® MS PRIME is an innovative MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry system that takes your automated identification experience to the next level.

  • Validation Protocols

    Managing validation plans across multiple facilities is nothing less than an art form. Whether you are implementing in-process testing solutions within your laboratory or on your production floor, you can rest assured that with ourvalidation services, all regulatory standards of local and international pharmacopeias will be fully upheld.

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