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First in Diagnostics, First in Customer Care

Total Service Solutions

At bioMérieux, we understand that ongoing management of a diagnostics platform in the clinical laboratory or in clinic-based settings is no mean feat. That’s why we aim to provide easy access to information and resources to help customers use our products and services with confidence.

Total Service Solutions

World-Class Customer Support

bioMérieux has one of the most robust service delivery networks in the industry to support our instruments and our customer’s needs anytime, anywhere. We are committed to developing our people, processes, and products as the industry continues to evolve and pride ourselves in leading the industry in customer satisfaction.


Customer Technical Support

With the urgent nature of patient and community care, we take pride in addressing all concerns quickly and accurately. bioMérieux is dedicated to providing award-winning customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

You may contact our customer technical support team via:


Phone: 1-800-682-2666 option 7

Field Application Specialists

Field application specialists (FAS) are specialized bioMérieux employees who ensure customer satisfaction during the initial installation and verification process of your systems. Your FAS will provide appropriate training and ensure your team is ready to use your system and/or test.

Medical Science Liaisons

Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) work directly with your clinicians and hospital staff in optimizing the use of bioMérieux systems and tests in your facility. This may include working with your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and Infection Control Committee as you change your protocols and clinical pathways in response to earlier pathogen identification and clinical diagnosis through the use of our solutions.

Award-Winning Team

Our team’s dedication has been acknowledged by not just our customer but also the wider community. In 2023, bioMérieux was awarded nine IMV ServiceTrak™ Clinical Laboratory Awards in the categories of Immunoassay, ID/AST, and Blood Culture excellence.  

Document and Resource Libraries

Explore our comprehensive library of product-related documents, including instructions for use (IFUs), technical notes, product support documents, and other resources you may need.  

Instruction Manuals

Specific product manuals are listed in the Instructions for Use and Manuals section of the documents page and will link to the e-labeling site for your convenience. The system maintains the full, up-to-date version of instruction documents, and customers can choose from multiple languages for download.

For bioMérieux products:

For BIOFIRE® product line:

Technical Notes

Technical Notes represent one form of communication that bioMérieux uses to relay information to customers. These documents generated by the Customer Technical Support team can be a valuable resource for the lab. 

For bioMérieux products:

For BIOFIRE® product line: - toggle-id-2


CLSI Procedure Format Templates (BIOFIRE Product Line)

We understand the need for technical procedures to be clear and unmistakable. We provide templates of the BIOFIRE Panel procedures in CLSI format. Customers can download these templates and adapt them to meet the specific needs of their laboratory.

Download here:

Safety Data Sheets (BIOFIRE Product Line)

View and download all of the BIOFIRE product line safety data sheets by clicking below.

Download here: