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Our Impact

Committed to improving global public health, we pioneer in vitro diagnostics solutions that answer patients’ and consumers’ needs worldwide.

Our global health strategy focuses on:

  • Addressing the major health challenges related to infectious diseases;
  • Maintaining the quality and safety of our solutions at a high level;
  • Facilitating access to our solutions.

We are constantly improving our diagnostic solutions and expanding our partnerships so that we can shape progress by contributing to better patient care and to the protection of consumer health.


Our impact on major health challenges

We focus our expertise to deliver diagnostic solutions that mainly target infectious diseases such as sepsis, a serious and often-unrecognized clinical syndrome. Through most of our activities, we are committed to curbing antimicrobial resistance, one of the most serious threats to public health today.

  • Antimicrobial resistance: Diagnostic solutions contribute to reducing the improper use of antibiotics and help preserve their efficacy today and for future generations.   As pioneers in this domain, we develop tests that identify pathogens, detect their potential resistance to antibiotics, and analyze antibiotic susceptibility to help doctors determine precisely which treatment to prescribe. 
    • In May 2022, bioMérieux finalized the acquisition of Specific Diagnostics that has developed a rapid antimicrobial susceptibility (AST) test system, to complement our unique range of Clinical Microbiology solutions delivering rapid results. SPECIFIC REVEAL® will meet the clinicians' need to receive faster AST results and is consistent with bioMérieux's CSR ambition for health by 2025. Discover more.
    • In July 2022, bioMérieux, together with Boehringer Ingelheim and Evotec SE, launched Aurobac Therapeutics SAS, a Joint Venture to create the next generation of antimicrobials along with actionable diagnostic solutions to tackle the major public health threat of AMR. Read the press release
  • Sepsis: Diagnostics are essential to improve patient care and reduce the mortality risk linked to sepsis. Beyond developing solutions that quickly recognize and diagnose the severity of an infection, we are committed to raising awareness about sepsis, notably by carrying out awareness campaigns and contributing to educational training and webinars for healthcare professionals.
  • Thanks to our expertise in infectious diseases, we are at the forefront of providing an appropriate response to manage the risks of epidemics due to emerging pathogens throughout the world.