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Data-Driven Decision-Making

Connectivity and Data IT

Decision-making should be based on facts and figures that are easily available when needed to measurably improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and cost of patient care. What if you could turn your laboratory and hospital data into insightful, actionable information to support diagnostic and clinical decisions at every stage of the patient journey?

Why do I need data and connectivity in my lab?

With the automation and digitalization of diagnostic solutions, clinical laboratories need to handle increasing amounts of medical data from many departments within the healthcare network. As labs face heavier workloads and burdens on staffing and resources, data collection becomes an increasingly daunting task. 

Labs require specific software solutions to help manage the growing needs for workflow optimization, biological expertise, and data management. Handling workload in a timely manner while ensuring the quality of the testing workflow are everyday challenges faced by health professionals in their decision-making process for optimizing patient care. 

Our data and connectivity offer

With a commitment to help fight antimicrobial resistance and as a leader in infectious diseases diagnostics, bioMérieux provides state-of-the-art tools to make the most of the data generated with systems in your laboratory.


By providing a comprehensive suite of software solutions that collect, analyze, and merge various sources of data, BIOMÉRIEUX VISION SUITE empowers you to make the right decisions at the right time. These software solutions are designed to be used both inside and outside the lab. 




Stewardship from the Lab to Leadership

Track and Compare relevant lab and clinical data across departments, processes, regions, and vendors, permitting you to extract actionable insights via easy-to-use dashboards. 


New Generation Microbiology Middleware

An innovative, integrated software solution designed to orchestrate your lab routine and transform data into insights.



Optimize Diagnostics With Data-driven Solutions. 

Providing access to a centralized data management web portal to give users total insights and analytics into BIOFIRE® System performance, utilization, pathogen surveillance, workflow management, and more.  



Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Platform 

Provides easy-to-use applications for clinical microbiologists: clinical pathogen outbreak management, microbiome profiling, and SARS-CoV-2 genomics variants identification.

BIOFIRE Syndromic Trends icon

BIOFIRE® Syndromic Trends

Turn BIOFIRE® System Results into Smart Pathogen Trending

Creating a global surveillance network that displays BIOFIRE® Panel test results from participating laboratories and hospitals around the world, BIOFIRE TREND allows users to explore epidemiology insights and better understand site-specific and regional pathogen trends and seasonality. 

Disclaimer: Product availability varies by country. Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.


While data is needed to be able to make the right decisions, ensuring the productivity and quality of your systems is imperative to deliver patient results on time.



Optimize Instrument UPTIME to Improve Laboratory Productivity

A secure solution offering remote access, proactive maintenance, and remote updates. VILINK® diagnoses, solves software and instrument issues, and supports your systems to enable laboratory productivity and efficiency improvements. 


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Decision-making can be based on facts and figures that are easily available when needed, to measurably improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and cost of patient care.


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