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Joint Infection Solutions

Conventional testing for joint infections is complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, our syndromic approach provides fast, accurate answers on a comprehensive menu of possible pathogens and antimicrobial resistance genes—supporting timely, targeted treatment decisions.

The Syndromic Approach to Joint Infections

Joint infections, which can involve either native or prosthetic joints, are medical emergencies that can lead to functional joint impairment, long-lasting disability, and may even be life-threatening. Unlike time-consuming traditional testing, our syndromic approach detects 39 joint infection targets in one quick test. Fast, comprehensive results may enable clinicians to make timely, optimal therapy decisions and support the goals of antimicrobial stewardship. 


For results that are fast and accurate, the BIOFIRE TORCH uses PCR technology to simultaneously test for a comprehensive grouping of targets in about an hour. For use in CLIA-moderate settings.

BIOFIRE® Joint Infection Panel

Overcome the challenges of traditional joint infection testing with a syndromic panel that identifies 31 pathogenic targets and 8 antimicrobial resistance genes, with results in about an hour.