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Urgent Care 

Patients seek out speed and convenience when choosing an urgent care. Syndromic infectious disease testing offers the fast, comprehensive results that enable urgent care clinicians to make informed treatment decisions and give patients the answers they are looking for. 

Urgent Care Onsite Infectious Disease Testing

Diagnosing respiratory or gastrointestinal infections based on symptoms alone is difficult, if not impossible. Rapid respiratory antigen testing may only return results on two or three possible pathogens—and negative results leave patients without a clear answer. Meanwhile, send-out gastrointestinal stool testing is time consuming and often fails to provide actionable results. Onsite syndromic PCR testing enables urgent care clinics to provide fast answers on a broad array of possible pathogens.


For results that are fast and accurate, the BIOFIRE TORCH uses PCR technology to simultaneously test for a comprehensive grouping of targets in about an hour. For use in CLIA-moderate settings.

The BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory Solution

An evolving world deserves evolved diagnostics. As the leader in syndromic PCR testing, bioMérieux has evolved our point-of-care respiratory testing solution by developing new products that put clinicians and patients front and center. bioMérieux is pleased to announce a revolutionary portfolio of versatile, lab-grade respiratory PCR tests that give clinicians options as they care for a variety of patients.


BIOFIRE® Respiratory 2.1 Panel

Identify 22 of the most common viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, influenza A and B viruses, RSV, and many others. All in one test, with results in about 45 minutes. Onsite in CLIA-moderate settings.

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BIOFIRE® Respiratory 2.1-EZ Panel (EUA)*

Perform in-clinic testing of those suspected of COVID-19. This syndromic panel identifies 19 probable bacterial and viral respiratory targets in one fast and easy test. *Emergency use authorization.

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 BIOFIRE® Joint Infection Panel

Overcome the challenges of traditional joint infection testing with a syndromic panel that identifies 31 pathogenic targets and 8 antimicrobial resistance genes—all onsite in CLIA-moderate settings. 

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BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Gastrointestinal Panel

Test for 22 gastrointestinal pathogens, including bacteria, yeast, and parasites, in one easy-to-perform test—with results in about an hour. Onsite in CLIA-moderate settings.