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Cannabis and Hemp

Solutions to better protect product quality and safety in the cannabis and hemp industry are essential. Many testing technologies lack robust science and consistency, require significant hands-on time, and are prone to human error. At bioMérieux we offer a comprehensive offering of cannabis-validated test kits.

Expanding Cannabis Safety and Science

Combining industry-leading technology and microbiology expertise, bioMérieux provides testing solutions that are easy to use and scientifically robust. We ensure a higher standard of quality so you can choose the best testing method for your facility.

Product List

  • AIR IDEAL® 3P®

    AIR IDEAL® 3P® is used for the detection of viable organisms through active air sampling.

  • API® 

    API® makes microbial identification simple and reliable. Combining a standardized method with an extensive and robust digital microbial ID knowledge base, API® can easily be implemented into any microbiology laboratory.

  • BIOBALL® Standardized Strains

    BIOBALL® is a small water-soluble ball containing a precise number of microorganisms that delivers accuracy and precision, batch after batch.


    CONNECT-UP™ is our laboratory data management solution that simplifies workflow by connecting every step—from sample to decision.

  • GENE-UP®

    Our real-time PCR solution simplifies workflows, decreases cross-contamination risks, and gives you rapid results that speed up critical manufacturing decisions.

  • GENE-UP® Aspergillus PRO

    GENE-UP® Aspergillus PRO is uniquely designed for higher accuracy with minimal sample prep to help your laboratory streamline Aspergillus testing, increase overall efficiency, and maintain a higher degree of regulatory compliance.


    With unmatched ease of use in sample preparation, the GENE-UP® PRO GENDER ID test brings you upfront, rapid identification compatible with both fresh and dried cannabis and hemp products.


    The GENE-UP® PRO HOP LATENT VIROID test aids you in assuring the health or recovery of your heirloom plants and derivatives, allowing you to control your cultivation.

  • GENE-UP® PRO STEC / Salmonella

    With a single enrichment and simultaneous PCR detection, GENE-UP® PRO™ STEC / Salmonella provides reliable detection of regulated pathogens in cannabis and hemp matrices in 24 hours.


    PREVI® COLOR GRAM is a fully automated stain process from fixation to drying that uses our patented spray technology to provide rapid, standardized results for all specimen types.

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