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Customer Service

bioMérieux is committed to offering first class, personalized service to labs and healthcare professionals worldwide.

An international organization close to our customers

The approach we take is designed to contribute to improving patient care and the protection of consumers’ health. bioMérieux provides its customers with a specific, scalable portfolio of services.

Our services allow:

  • optimal integration of equipment into laboratory workflows;
  • maintaining long-term conditions of use;
  • compliance with quality regulations;
  • skills support and development through training programs and medical education.

To deliver top-quality customer service in all the countries where our customers operate, our Customer Service teams are active at the local and global levels.

Our local teams take into account specific country needs while enjoying an international view of the market. They may also be supported by international teams, when extra support is required for instruments, reagents, information technology and service solutions.


Global Customer Service (GCS)

The GCS has 4 main missions:

  • Provide technical support to local subsidiaries and distributors;
  • Train subsidiaries and distributors to provide training to our customers worldwide on how to use our products and solutions;
  • Ensure that the customer’s voice is heard for technical input during projects to develop and improve our products;
  • Actively contribute to the development of services with added value for customers.

Caring about customer satisfaction: a priority

Every 2 years, we conduct a global satisfaction survey among around 6,000 customers. We do this to:

  • collect feedback from our customers;
  • identify factors that can be leveraged to support long-term customer relationships;
  • improve bioMérieux’s customer relations performance;
  • comply with our quality approach (ISO 9001).

Based on 2021 indicators, our performance has improved compared with 2018:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): +42.9 (+3.7 points)
  • Overall satisfaction: 8.38/10 (+0.21 points)
  • Percentage of satisfied customers: 96.3% (+1.9%).

Surveyed customers ranked bioMérieux in first place compared to its competitors for the quality of its products (reagents and instruments) and for customer service.

This survey also made it possible to identify areas where there is room for improvement, to develop action plans focused on enhancing the quality of information about our products and services, to strengthen the complaint management process, and to increase delivery visibility.

The detailed information we collect is shared with all of our subsidiaries so that they may implement specific local action plans.