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Our Distributors

We strive to build trusting, long-term, crisis resilient partnerships with our distributors for 60 years. 

Our distributors  follow precise and robust processes to ensure a high level of compliance and alignment, all in the aim of guaranteeing optimal customer experience and satisfaction.

We regularly conduct audits to evaluate how well they comply with our Global Code of Conduct and how they perform when it comes to product transportation, installed base maintenance, and adequate user training sessions.

The social, ethical and environmental footprint of our products and services cannot be dissociated from the business practices of our partners.

  • In 2021, 86% of our distributors have been assessed for CSR performance and competence. 

Regular sustainability performance assessments of our distributors will be conducted starting in 2022.

We want to make sure our partners’ efforts are being rewarded – that's why we created the bioSTAR (Strategic Teamwork Achievement and Recognition) program to celebrate their successes and their contribution to helping us achieve our ambitions.