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Your Ally in Advancing Quality

Pharma Quality Control

With a partner-first approach to Pharmaceutical Quality Control, our experts deliver an integrated offer that easily adapts to your facilities, products, and processes, allowing our customers to provide critical therapies quickly and safely to patients.

Our Long-term Vision and Pioneering Attitude

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing major changes, challenging the way manufacturers approach the safety and quality of treatments for patients. Our ambition is to be recognized as the partner of choice for smart quality control of manufacturers around the globe, targeting both patient safety and customer productivity.

What has set us apart as a trusted reference for worldwide leaders in the pharmaceutical sector for over 60 years?

  • Our passionate team members, who are present in more than 100 countries
  • Our unrivaled investment in innovation
  • The rigorous science behind our quality control promise

Our Commitment to Our Customers


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Cell & Gene Therapies

Cutting-edge cell and gene therapies are exciting as they are challenging. We overcome complex manufacturing challenges to provide trusted testing systems for your innovative products. 

Microbiological quality control biopharmaceuticals


With the most comprehensive portfolio of microbiology solutions for bioproduction, we can provide you with better quality control, keep you in compliance, and improve your bottom line.  

Blood Banks

With quality control testing solutions from bioMérieux, blood banks can ensure the safety of platelets, extend shelf life up to seven days, cut down on costly discards, and improve availability of life-saving resources.  

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Hospital Pharmacy & Compounding

Knowing your product is free of contamination allows for faster release to market, giving you greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand and gives you a competitive advantage in the market. 

Mircobial testin non sterile pharma products and personal care

Non-Sterile Pharma & Personal Care

We support you to bring trusted and validated products to market faster, with automated labs and streamlined workflows.

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Injectable Small Molecules

Rapid quality control release testing can help you get therapies to patients who need them quickly and safely, and with the most comprehensive portfolio of efficient solutions for microbial quality control of sterile drugs, we can help.


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Environmental Monitoring

Leverage digitalization and automation to improve your EM process so you can optimize workflows and maximize ease-of-use.

Pharmaceuticalssterility testing

Sterility Testing

Our safe and efficient sterility testing solutions guarantee patient and product safety.

Endotoxin Testing

We bring you more sustainable pharmaceutical quality control with solutions that reduce the impact on our planet.

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Mycoplasma Testing

Rapid Mycoplasma testing by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

microbial identification

Microbial Identification

We provide a comprehensive offering of identification solutions and services. ​​

Microbiological quality control strains

Microbiological Quality Control Strains

BIOBALL® standardized strains provide an effective and reliable solution for your pharmaceutical quality control needs. BIOBALL® standardized strains are Certified Reference Material (CRM) under ISO 17034 delivering accurate and precise CFU per inoculum

Platelet Bacterial Contamination Screening

Learn more about our FDA-cleared single-step Large-Volume Delayed Sampling (LVDS) for effective platelet transfusion safety.

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Digital Solutions

Our remote support solution gives you a connection between our technical support team and your systems, with full traceability and data security.

Pharma quality control services


Our technical and scientific experts can help you get the most out of your equipment so you can ensure the continuity of your operations. 



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    Monitoring quality in microbiology is critical and challenging for pharmaceutical companies. ​While hand transcription remains the standard procedure in use, these daily processes often rhyme with errors leading to time-consuming investigations, and not fully compliant data.​


    Environmental monitoring (EM) is the main microbiological control performed by pharmaceutical industries. While multiple hand-written and transcription operations remain the standard procedure in use for thousands of samples per month, the daily processes often result in errors leading to time-consuming investigations, low value-added tasks and data that is not fully compliant. As a result: major impacts on batch release, on process efficiency and ultimately patient safety.

  • 3P® Environmental Monitoring Culture Media

    Accurate and reliable environmental monitoring solutions will bring you confidence when making product release decisions, allowing you to protect your product and your patients.


    The 3P® legacy is one of delivering proven performance when it comes to effective pharmaceutical contamination control. Now it’s going digital.

  • AIR IDEAL® 3P®

    AIR IDEAL® 3P® is used for the detection of viable organisms through active air sampling.