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BIOFIRE® Blood Culture Identification 2 (BCID2) Panel

1 Test. 43 Targets. ~ 1 Hour.

This multiplex PCR test detects pathogens and antimicrobial resistance genes commonly associated with bloodstream infections (BSI). Help inform sepsis treatment with comprehensive results in about an hour from a positive blood culture. 

A New Kind of Blood Culture Identification 

The BIOFIRE® Blood Culture Identification 2 (BCID2) Panel tests a single positive blood culture sample to simultaneously provide results for multiple organisms and organism groups that cause bloodstream infections, as well as genetic markers associated with antimicrobial resistance. Within about an hour from the positive blood culture, the test delivers these comprehensive results in a single report.

The Power Behind the Panel

The BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel can provide the essential combination of speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness to enable the fast identification of probable pathogen directly from positive blood cultures.

Sepsis Management Elevated

Early identification and treatment of sepsis is essential to combat this leading cause of hospital deaths. The BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel can potentially help give back the time and resources you need to effectively manage and fight against sepsis.

Shorten Time to Effective Therapy

Using the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel alongside an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) can help clinicians more quickly determine appropriate targeted therapy and de-escalate antimicrobials.3

Catch and Correct Inappropriate Therapy

Empiric antimicrobial therapy is inappropriate in about 30% of patients, but the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel has helped switch to correct therapy in 90% of cases.4,5

Help Improve Patient Outcomes

Studies have shown that the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel reduces the risk for 30-day mortality and the average length of stay (LOS) in BSI patients.6,7

Reduce Hospital Costs

The BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel is likely to be 85% more cost-effective for a hospital compared with traditional culture methods.8

Inside the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel

Discover the 43 targets on the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel, including the 26 bacteria, 7 yeast, and 10 antimicrobial resistance genes commonly associated with BSIs.

Overall 99.0% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity2
Sample Type: Positive blood culture

Syndromic Testing Made Simple

The BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Systems run syndromic infectious disease tests. One multiplex assay simultaneously tests for the most common pathogens and antimicrobial resistance genes associated with a particular syndrome.

Learn More About Systems



The BIOFIRE TORCH System uses multiplex PCR technology to simultaneously test for a comprehensive grouping of targets in about an hour. 

  • Compatible with six-panel syndromic portfolio
  • Reduced footprint provides up to six times the throughput per square foot of laboratory bench space
  • Scalable configuration allows customized throughput
  • Simplified workflow features a touchscreen interface and integrated barcode scanner
  • Data management automation includes LIS connectivity and random-access operation


The BIOFIRE 2.0 System enables simplified test ordering, faster turnaround times, and increased accuracy by minimizing manual data entry.

  • Scalable configuration allows customized throughput and efficient use of laboratory bench space
  • Offers LIS connectivity, random-access operation, and single database management of up to 8 instruments per computer

Service & Support

To order the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel, contact your regional sales representative or use the following contact information:


Phone: 1-801-736-6354

US Sales Extension: 1502

International Sales Extension: 1536

Product Information

BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel ReagentsRFIT-ASY-014730-Pack

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