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1. Sampling is Key Whilst Prevention Owns the Value



March 18, 2022 — 9 min read


The Group Lactalis, is a leading worldwide dairy company founded in 1933. It has remained faithful to its original commitment to dairy processing for three generations, whilst leveraging external growth as part of its strategy by capitalizing on and developing its three major brands (Président, Galbani and Parmalat), as well as continuing to invest in local ones.

1. Sampling is Key Whilst Prevention Owns the Value

To decide on the release of a product, numerous parameters are considered when it comes to sampling: representability, size of the sample, the shortness of the time to result, with the possibility of constantly optimizing and improving.

The limitations of this form of analysis are undoubtedly true as it remains observational (analysis  = success or failure)

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“The result of the analysis is articulated either as a success or a failure, but it's already too late by then, the challenge now lies in procuring the information beforehand... ”

Emmanuel MALLO — VP Quality - Lactalis Group

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1. Sampling is Key Whilst Prevention Owns the Value

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