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BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma

Adopt Reliable, 1-Hour In-House Mycoplasma Testing to Maximize Efficiency While Saving Costs

1-Hour Mycoplasma Testing By Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Complex Testing Made Simple and Secure

The Molecular Lab In A Pouch

Using revolutionary next gen PCR technology, BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma allows you to bring testing in-house by providing results in just under an hour, allowing you to save time and money on costly outsourced testing without a significant increase in laboratory workload.  

The simple three step workflow requires no expertise and can be performed by anyone, anywhere at anytime. The closed “molecular lab in a pouch” ensures data integrity with just two minutes of hands-on time and no result interpretation. With a simple yet revolutionary approach, the BIOFIRE® system makes 1-hour in-house mycoplasma results possible.  

Interested In Saving Time and Money? Contact Our Experts for More Information on BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma.