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Wine Quality Testing Solutions

Preserve the value of your wine with on-site detection of microbial contaminants. Our complete end-to-end molecular solutions for the wine industry help wineries optimize processes, protect their brand, conserve energy, and reduce waste from grape to glass.

Wine Solutions

Our wine quality assays are powered by VERIFLOW®, a game-changing platform that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches.



Preserve the Value of Your Wine

vinoBRETT brings affordable, onsite PCR testing to your winery. vinoBRETT makes it possible to conduct routine, proactive testing throughout the winemaking process to obtain accurate information about the presence and level of Brettanomyces at any time.

Mange Brettanomyces


Proactively Manage Spoilage Organisms

vinoPAL provides accurate information about the presence and level of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus at any time, but especially during harvest and fermentation. These microbes can quickly multiply and cause problems in a matter of days.

Timely detection is critical - allowing for early management of the situation and immediate corrective action to assure that wine develops as intended.

Manage Bacteria During Harvest


Proactively Manage Spoilage Organisms

Developed in partnership with Jackson Family Wines, BOTTLESAFE is versatile and rapidly detects common spoilers in both red and white wines before bottling. The innovative solution can be utilized by any size wine quality program.

The BOTTLESAFE pre-bottling quality tools verify final filtration and ensure your carefully crafted wines are free of common spoilage bacteria and yeast, protecting your vintage bottles and your brand.

Validate Filtration