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Support functions

We support strategic objectives and help reaching operational excellence by providing controlling tools, optimizing funds allocation, and getting required financing.

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We provide all the goods and services that our internal customers need, and we ensure their quality in terms of delays and procedures through a continuous improvement approach based on environmental protection, social progress, respect for human rights and ethics business.

We stay updated with the leading technology in the market, enabling our people to work on the latest and greatest.


We support the growth of the company through the operational excellence of services within finance and supply chain delivered to our internal customers. Capitalizing on our transversal approach to processes, we are a center of expertise, focused on continuous improvement and business transformation. 

We partner with business leaders to attract, develop and retain the best professional talent. We play a key role to collectively live and breathe our human-centered culture.

We develop and coordinate clear and genuine communications to promote bioMérieux's image, reputation, public health mission, employee commitment and engagement. 

We help the company to reduce its negative impact while increasing its positive impact on the world around it. This concerns both people within and around the company, the planet, and our business partners.   

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We help make balanced decisions in a fast-changing environment, leveraging our expertise in :

  • legal
  • compliance
  • intellectual property
  • data privacy
  • strategic alliances