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Comparative Study of Preparation Time

Between a Quantitative Certified Reference Material and Traditional Culture Method for GPT

October 15, 2021


Making quantitative in-house microbiological culture stocks for USP<61> Growth Promotion Testing (GPT) can be time consuming and needs knowledgeable and experienced analysts. The time required for stock culture preparation and plating can be considerable and if the results are out of specification, the GPT needs to be repeated and may require investigation. 

For accuracy and precision as well as ease of use, bioMérieux developed BIOBALL, a freeze-dried ball containing a quantified number of microorganisms that provides a quick and ready to use solution to customers that is designed specifically for GPT efficiency. BIOBALL is an ISO:17034 accredited “Certified Reference Material” and includes a Certificate of Analysis listing each batches mean, standard deviation and measurement uncertainty.


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